Canva Review

Canva is a graphic design platform developed in Australia. Users use it to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and documents. You can use the website to create your own graphics, or use one of its templates. The site also offers collaboration tools and a library of fonts. The drag-and-drop editor is one of Canva’s best features.

Canva’s drag-and-drop editor

Canva is a free graphic design app that makes it easy to create beautiful designs. It features hundreds of professionally designed templates and every type of design asset imaginable. You can customize these templates to suit your own specific needs or start from scratch. After you have chosen your templates, you can customize them with the drag-and-drop editor.

You can customize the typeface and colors of your designs


You can also upload photos. You can also create custom templates for presentations and social media posts. You can then export your designs to different platforms and use them offline. If you’re not into creating designs for social media, Canva also has templates for business cards, flyers, invitations, certificates, and menus.

Its library of fonts

You can download fonts from Canva’s library to use in your design. Simply navigate to the left panel of the home page and press the “Upload a Font” button. This will open a new window, where you can navigate to a folder on your computer. Choose the font you want to upload and press the purple “Confirm” button to upload it to your Canva account.


You can use the font in as many projects as you want

Another way to add fonts to your Canva design is to purchase font packs. There are several free and paid font packs on the market. Creative Market and Graphic River offer individual font packs, but you can also purchase design packs from Envato Elements, which feature thousands of fonts for download. Simply download the font you want and add it to a folder with the same name as the Canva design file. This method is only available to Canva Pro users.

Its ability to customize templates

One of Canva’s biggest benefits is the ability to customize templates. You can import images, videos, and fonts into your design. In addition to these built-in elements, you can also import and insert your own assets. For example, if you’re working on a marketing campaign, you can add a video or audio recording to your design.


You can also use custom fonts to make your design even more customized

Canva’s customizable templates can help you create content that’s consistent with your branding. For example, if you want to create a logo for your business, you can customize the template to match your company’s colors and style. This is a great option for teams that want to work on the same piece of content.

Its collaboration tools

If you are working with a team on a creative project, Canva’s collaboration tools will help you get the most out of your design process.


You can invite team members to collaborate on designs and get real-time feedback, assign tasks, and publish and share designs.


You can set permissions and control who has access to certain designs or folders

Collaboration tools can help you improve your creativity and increase your productivity. They make document and project management a breeze. This can be the difference between a project being a success or a failure.

Its price

When it comes to price, Can va is right on par with most of its competitors. Their software lets you customize your own images, and the best part is that their price is very reasonable. Currently, the prices of Can va’s templates start at just $5. They have a number of pricing plans, including one that allows you to create as many as one million designs.

The company’s pricing plans are based on the needs of the user


Canva has a free plan aimed at individuals and small businesses, while the “pro” and “enterprise” plans target larger teams. In addition, there are plans for educators, charities, and non-profits.