Cloud of Daggers 5e Spells

Cloud of Daggers 5e Spells

The Cloud of Daggers 5e Spell is a magical effect that fills the air with spinning knives. A 5 foot radius will be covered by the cloud, and any creature that comes in contact with it will take 4d4 damage. This spell can also be cast as a natural disaster, and is effective against monsters and undead. This article will cover the basics of casting, range, levels, and the Blender effect.




Cloud of Daggers is a basic spell that can be learned by any bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, or Eldritch Knight. It was originally introduced in 4th edition as a first-level spell but has quickly become popular among characters of all types. The spell has gained reputation as a powerful melee spell, and its damage output is far more than just basic damage.


The most prominent advantage of Cloud of Daggers is its guaranteed damage. Any creature that enters the cloud of spinning daggers takes 4d4 damage. Cloud of Daggers is analogous to Magic Missile, which can harm targets without actually hitting them. Furthermore, conjuration spells, such as Conjure elemental, can be used to summon powerful spirit guardians. Using this ability makes it a powerful weapon.




One of the most overlooked spells in the D&D system is Range in Cloud of Daggers. This powerful spell casts a wall of stationary knives that encircles your target, locking them in place and trapping them from long ranges. It scales decently, and the damage is fairly large – fourd4 damage for each creature entering the cloud. The good news is that you have no save, so there’s no reason to fear being caught in the Cloud of Daggers!


The spell’s range is 60 feet. Normally, it only affects one or two adjacent 5-foot squares, but you can choose whether it snaps to a grid. If it does, it partially cowls two squares on the grid, which discourages movement. Because it’s magic, however, creatures inside of the cloud may try to squeeze out of its sway. The spell lasts for six rounds, so it’s a good idea to check whether you’ll need to use a special ability for this.




The spell “Cloud of Daggers” can be cast at any time, and it deals good damage for its level. The damage scales well, too, and each creature affected by Cloud of Daggers suffers 4d4 damage when it enters space or begins its turn. There is no save for this spell, which means that it will deal on average 20 damage to its targets. Levels in Cloud of Daggers 5e are not necessarily easy to find, but it is worth it once you get to know what you’re looking for.


The first level of cloud of daggers requires the caster to use a d4 roll to select a number between 1 and nine. The next level increases the damage by 2d4 for each spell slot level above two. If you’re a wizard, Cloud of Daggers is a great spell to start playing. Although it can be dangerous, it’s still one of the best spells in D&D.


Blender effect


The Blender effect is an optional skill that allows the caster to shred creatures with one action. It affects only creatures that are wolf-size or larger, and it does not trigger if the creature is within 60 feet of the caster. The effect also is useful as a barrier spell, since it requires the caster to slice an enemy into pieces in nanoseconds. It is not recommended for use against larger creatures, however.


This spell has a limited area of impact, affecting two adjacent 5′ squares. While this means that the effects only affect one square of the grid, you can use it to manipulate opponents into the cloud area. The only limitation to this effect is that it can’t affect O squares, which make it a good choice for players who want to move in tight quarters. The Cloud of Daggers 5e spellbook also gives the player the option to specify the area of impact in a single action.


Time limit


The spell Cloud of Daggers has a time limit. The effect is an automatic one and has a range of about five feet. It does a limited amount of damage, but a creature can be affected more than once per round. Moreover, the effect can be used to maneuver an opponent into the cloud area. The duration of the spell is five rounds. And the effect only affects one 5-foot square, leaving the O square unaffected.


In Cloud of Daggers 5e, the daggers form a cube, five feet on each side, which focuses on a point. The cloud lasts one minute, and the duration is one minute. It is important to understand that this spell is not movable, and the caster cannot move it. This is because 5e spells do what they say they will do. This means that the cloud can’t move when you cast it.




Cloud of Daggers is a spell which deals 4d4 slashing damage on first entry. This spell is nonconcentric, and lasts for a minute. Despite being a nonconcentric spell, the cost of Cloud of Daggers is much less than other similar spells. However, this spell does have some downsides. It cannot cover more than five square feet and is limited to a maximum of 10 circle feet.

Final Thoughts


Cost of Cloud of Daggers 5e is a rogue-level spell that lets you slash any foe within five square feet. This spell can be used against any number of creatures, and has a short duration. This spell cannot be moved, and its effect is not extended. It also requires that you have magic to cast it, which makes it a good choice for beginners and high-level characters alike.