Dentist Toys for Kids 2023 | Complete Guide

Getting children to the Dentist Toys for Kids can be a struggle. However, a reward can make the visit a fun experience for them.

This 25-piece dental care play set includes an over-sized set of fake enamel so youngsters-in-training can give cleanings, deal with cavities, match retainers and braces and practice extractions using the back 4 teeth that wiggle and lift. Instrument tray, pick, brush, mirror, floss and a double-sided reusable activity card round out the true dentist workplace expertise.

1. Make the Visit Fun

Children want to have fun, and if they can play pretending they are the dentist with one of these toys they might actually enjoy their next dental visit. This is especially helpful for children who are anxious about the prospect of getting their teeth looked at by someone they do not know.

It is also a good idea to read books that talk about visiting the dentist. These stories will help to familiarize kids with the process of going to the dentist and make it seem like a normal part of life.

The Lil Ollie Mutt toy is a wonderful example of a fun way to help kids become more comfortable with their dentist visits. This cuddly stuffed animal can be used to teach children about dental hygiene and even lets them practice brushing their teeth on it! This toy also helps children to learn about different instruments that are used during a dental appointment.

2. Ease Your Child’s Fears

Visiting the dentist is intimidating for many children. It is important to help kids understand what to expect when they are there. This can be done through dramatic play and using stuffed animals or dolls to role play their own dental appointment.

The Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit is a great way to teach children about oral hygiene. This toy includes everything a child needs to pretend to be a dentist, including a doctor case, stethoscope, a thermometer, a toothbrush, flosser, and a set of fake teeth.

This set helps children learn about medical tools and procedures by teaching them the names of dental instruments, such as the hammer, pliers, reflex hammer, a speculum, and an air/water syringe. It also teaches them how to use these tools properly to care for their own teeth. It is a great toy to bring along on a trip to the real dentist. It will help them forget about their fear and become more comfortable with the experience.

3. Warm Up the Child

It’s always a good idea to prepare your child for visiting the dentist before the actual visit. That way, they know what to expect and feel more comfortable. This also gives you an opportunity to talk about the benefits of a healthy smile and how to keep teeth clean.

If your child has a comfort object like a blanket, teddy bear or doll they carry everywhere, they should bring it along to their appointment. If the dentist allows it, this may help make them feel more at ease and can be a great icebreaker to start the visit off on a positive note.

You can even help your kids prepare by reading them books about their favorite characters going to the dentist for their first visits. This will get them excited about their upcoming trip and will make the experience much less intimidating.

4. Give Away Toys

Often when kids have a checkup, they will get some sort of prize for making it through the visit. This can be anything from a toothbrush to a piece of candy or even a fun flosser like this one.

If you have extra toys lying around the house that your children no longer play with, consider donating them to a local hospital or doctor’s office. These facilities are a stressful environment for young children and they often provide toys to keep children entertained and calm during their appointments.

Final Words:

Some hospitals have a toy donation page on their website that lists the types of toys they need most. Other times, you can just ask a hospital staff member about the types of toys they need. They may even have a wish list of toys that children want during their stay in the hospital. This way you can help make a child’s holiday much more magical!