Do a Barrel Roll x200: An Internet Meme That Spins into Pop Culture


In the vast realm of internet memes, few have achieved the level of fame and ubiquity as the phrase “Do a Barrel Roll x200.” Originating from a classic video game, this meme quickly spread across the internet, captivating users with its simplicity and comedic value. In this article, we explore the origins, evolution, and impact of the “Do a Barrel Roll x200” meme, diving into its cultural significance and enduring popularity.

The Origins of the Meme

To understand the “Do a Barrel Roll x200” meme, we must first travel back to the late 1990s and revisit the iconic video game that birthed it: Star Fox 64. Developed by Nintendo, Star Fox 64 was a space shooter game released for the Nintendo 64 console. The game featured a cast of anthropomorphic animals piloting spacecraft, including the main character, Fox McCloud.

During gameplay, one of the supporting characters, Peppy Hare, would frequently give advice to Fox McCloud and his team. One of his most memorable lines was “Do a barrel roll!” This phrase was accompanied by an animation of the player’s ship performing a 360-degree roll maneuver. The instruction was often delivered when players encountered incoming projectiles or obstacles, serving as a helpful gameplay tip.

Evolution and Memetic Explosion

The “Do a Barrel Roll” catchphrase from Star Fox 64 gained a new life in the realm of internet memes. The phrase became a popular reference, often used humorously or as a playful command in online discussions. Users began sharing animated GIFs, images, and videos featuring characters, objects, or even real people performing literal barrel rolls.

The memetic explosion of “Do a Barrel Roll” was further amplified by its association with another internet meme: “x200.” The addition of “x200” to the phrase created an exaggerated and absurd element, suggesting that the barrel roll action should be repeated an exaggerated number of times. The inclusion of “x200” transformed the simple instruction into a comically impossible task, emphasizing the meme’s playful and exaggerated nature.

As the meme spread, it found its way into various online communities, forums, and social media platforms. Users would reply to posts or comments with “Do a Barrel Roll x200” as a humorous and lighthearted response. The meme transcended its original gaming context and became a part of internet culture, captivating audiences across the globe.

Cultural Impact and Enduring Popularity

The “Do a Barrel Roll x200” meme’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its simplicity, humor, and nostalgic appeal. It tapped into the collective nostalgia for Star Fox 64 and the gaming culture of the late 1990s. The meme became a shared experience for gamers and internet users alike, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared humor.

Furthermore, the meme’s catchiness and easy replication made it highly shareable. Users could create and share their own variations of the meme, incorporating different images or characters performing barrel rolls. The meme’s flexibility allowed it to adapt to different contexts, further contributing to its longevity and widespread appeal.

The phrase “Do a Barrel Roll x200” also transcended the online realm and seeped into popular culture. It has been referenced in television shows, movies, and even mainstream advertising campaigns. The meme’s catchphrase has become recognizable to a broader audience, irrespective of their familiarity with the original video game.


The “Do a Barrel Roll x200” meme stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and humor in the world of internet culture. Originating from the classic video game Star Fox 64, the meme took on a life of its own, spreading across the internet and captivating users with its comedic value. Its association with the exaggerated “x200” element added an absurd twist, making the meme even more humorous and memorable.

The meme’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its nostalgic appeal, shareability, and ability to adapt to different contexts. As it became embedded in internet culture and crossed over into popular media, “Do a Barrel Roll x200” solidified its place as a beloved and recognizable meme.

In the ever-evolving landscape of internet memes, the “Do a Barrel Roll x200” meme continues to spin its way into the hearts of online communities, showcasing the lasting impact of a simple catchphrase from a classic video game.