How has the Development of Technology Positively Affected our Wellness?

The development of technology has been significant for us as humans. In the last decade, we’ve seen the emergence of artificial heart arteries and small tablets that can save a life. We can cure fevers and flu with injections, and 3D-designed bones make our old ones seem young again. X-rays and ultrasound have revolutionized the medical sector, and new technology is now available to record and analyze human heartbeats and blood pressure. These watches have also been made to monitor and control their health by using mobile apps and monthly graphs.

Frequent & Sophisticated Technology

The study examined the use of technology in healthcare and found that higher use of technological devices was linked to greater attention, behavior, and self-regulation problems. In addition, it concluded that more frequent and sophisticated technology led to an increase in these disorders. Further, it is necessary to understand the limitations of this new technology to ensure its positive effects. However, if we’re looking for a better way to improve our health, we need to be aware of the risks and benefits.

Low Physician-To-Population Ratios

Telemedicine is one example of technology that can benefit our wellness. The development of telemedicine has become a viable solution for underserved urban communities. Previously, they were unable to access health care. This was due to low physician-to-population ratios, limited specialty care, and inefficient organizational structures. But telemedicine can solve these issues and help the entire population access health care.

Terms of Relationships

In terms of relationships, technology can enhance our relationships. Online interactions lead to offline interaction. People meet online but never meet in real life. Social media can help us interact with more people, and we can talk about anything with anyone we want. This increases our sense of community. In addition to improving our health, technology development can improve our lives. The benefits of new technologies are apparent. We can live a healthier, happier life with technology.

Moods & Health

The development of technology has improved our lives and has improved our quality of life. The use of technology in our daily lives has enabled us to access the information we might not have otherwise accessed. We can also use this information to learn more about our surroundings. Our environment affects our moods and our health. If negative emotions surround you, you will feel miserable. Fortunately, there are many ways to make our environments better for us.

Adequate Living Space

We can be physically and mentally healthy. We have adequate living space, access to clean water, and the ability to recycle. In short, we have access to all the information we need at any time. And we can stay connected and productive through our daily activities. We have all the tools we need to be healthy. Just be sure to look at what technology can do for you. It is beneficial for our overall health and our physical well-being.

Businesses & Industries

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Whether physically healthy or not, technology is now available to improve our lives. Keeping our digital devices updated is essential for maintaining our physical and mental health. These devices are becoming more useful every day. The development of technology has facilitated the growth of many businesses and industries. For instance, today’s smartphones are used for emotional diagnosis. This helps us improve our well-being.

Integral Part of Healthy Life

Another aspect of technology that is changing our lives is advancing our workplace. Many people are now happier at work than ever before, and a good job will help you feel healthy. The development of technology has dramatically improved our lifestyles. By empowering our employees, we can work to our best abilities. A successful workplace is an integral part of a healthy life. It also enhances our health.

Treatments & Lowering Healthcare Costs

In addition to increasing the quality of treatments and lowering healthcare costs, the growth of technology has also improved the way we communicate and share information. Many different dimensions of health are affected by technology, but they don’t necessarily affect each other. When they are underdeveloped, premature death can result. Culture, which shapes perceptions and beliefs about health and disease, is one area that influences health. The way we use the internet and other technologies to educate ourselves also affects our health.

Socioeconomic Disparities

While it is true that there are some adverse effects associated with technology, the positive effects are more widespread. It helps prevent illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. And it can help us better manage our daily habits and medicine intake. The development of technology has also brought about equality in products, reducing socioeconomic disparities and allowing more people to access health and education. For instance, newer forms of artificial intelligence are trained to identify hate speech, a problem that many teachers face.


The systematic review used four reference databases to find relevant studies. Specifically, the researchers searched for papers that addressed technology development and how it affects our health and wellness. Their search strings included technologies, historically underserved populations, and health. These results were then categorized into five categories: inclusion, exclusion, and technological maturity. The findings were organized according to five categories. They include recommendations for technological innovations and the development of culturally appropriate technologies for these populations.