How to Take Advantage of Amazon Prime Day in 2016

The benefits of Amazon Prime Day are numerous. The worldwide network of shoppers, vendors, and sellers are all impacted by the sale. In addition to new shoppers, brands have the opportunity to reach up to 5x more people and gain exposure on a scale that they otherwise could not accomplish. To ensure that the sales are a success for everyone involved, Amazon has implemented measures to increase traffic during the day. The following are some of those benefits. If you’d like to take advantage of Prime Day in 2016, here are some of the things you should do.

Amazon’s annual sitewide sale

Each year, Amazon offers a massive sitewide sale called Prime Day, offering exclusive savings to Prime members. With the biggest discounts and largest variety of deals of the year,  Day can even beat Black Friday. Prime Day typically takes place over two days and is extended to 48 hours for its more than 100 million paying members. Besides the huge discounts, Amazon also offers special deals for non-members, including a wide range of deals on electronics, clothing, home and kitchen items, pet supplies, and more.

Initially, Amazon’s Prime Day was a one-day-only sale, but later expanded to a two-day event, and now it features even more discounts for its  members. In addition to its sitewide sale,  membership offers members exclusive access to the online retail giant’s value-added services, including free delivery on many products and Netflix-style video. For this reason, many consumers have become Prime members.

To keep Prime members happy, Amazon increases its price on membership every year. The cost of membership has increased by 17% since its inception. This is the third consecutive year that Amazon has increased its membership fee. As a result, more people are opting for Prime membership to enjoy the benefits of the annual sitewide sale. While the price increase is a sign

of Amazon’s increased interest in their product quality, it’s an excellent opportunity to save money on the products you love most.

Discounts on its own products

Amazon has historically used Prime Day as an opportunity to discount its own products. Echo smart speakers and Kindles are among the many items that will see a steep discount. The company also offers discounts on kitchen appliances and personal care items like vacuums and headphones. The company is keen to avoid competing with Amazon in these areas, however.The company also plans to offer a similar deal on its Echo smart speaker. Amazon has promised one million small businesses a chance to sell their products for as low as $1, allowing these businesses to benefit.

The company is offering its own products at a reduced price, but these discounts are still relatively low. Typically, discounts are around 12%, but they can be as low as three percent if you sign up for Prime. However, it’s important to note that these discounts will only be valid until midnight Tuesday. Reuters looked at a basket of products on Amazon and found that the JBL GO 2 speaker was discounted 6% in the U.S.

As with any successful retail strategy, the key to beating Amazon is to offer a unique product. Amazon has always offered discounts on its own products, but the company’s Prime Day discounts were so impressive that it surpassed the sales of competitors on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and eBay have all announced their own sales around the event. Whether or not these retailers can compete with Amazon will depend on how well they can differentiate their offerings and attract new customers.

Rewards for Prime members

If you’re a Prime member, you may have already seen some of the savings and special deals offered on Amazon Prime Day. This is when the online retailer will offer discounts on home improvement products like tools, lights and hardware, and more. Some Prime Day deals include 20% off World Famous Sports camping gear and savings on kids’ games like Kids Against Maturity. Other  Day deals include savings on select brands of groceries and candy, including a free gift card for Panera Bread.

In addition to Prime Day discounts, there are also perks that Prime members can take advantage of. For example, Prime members can get early access to one Kindle book every month. They can also buy hardcover versions of the same book for under $10. Prime Gaming members can also get free Twitch channel subscriptions, exclusive add-on content for video games, and a special chat badge. In addition, they can enjoy free music and movies as well as magazines, comics, and other media.

For Prime Day, shoppers can use their  Rewards card and receive an additional 10% cash back. The discount items on Prime Day are often highly popular, including Kindle e-readers, Kindle devices, and Amazon brand goods. As a result, it is best to buy a few items in advance so you can maximize your Prime Day savings. You can even redeem your points for gift cards and Amazon goods. Alternatively, you can use your Amazon Prime Card to shop at Whole Foods read more.