Instant Checkmate Review – Is Instant Checkmate a Good Choice?

You may be wondering whether Instant Checkmate is a good choice for performing a background check. This article will address some of the key issues surrounding the service, including its price, Veracity of criminal records search, and Reliability of people search feature. In addition, we will address the legality of Instant Checkmate as a background check service. This is important information you should know before you sign up for a subscription. Read on to learn more!

Cost of Instant Checkmate subscription

To cancel a membership in Instant Checkmate, you have two options. You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing If you choose to cancel your subscription via email, it will take 24 to 48 hours for your request to be processed. The alternative is to call the company and request cancellation in writing. You can also cancel your membership at any time by phone.

There are a few drawbacks to this program, though. It isn’t free. You can only run one

background check per month without paying a subscription. It’s also possible to run as many checks as you want for a one-time fee. Instant Checkmate uses a funneling system to deliver reports to you. You first perform a perfunctory search and then view the background scan graphics. Subscribing to the service saves you around $7 per month. The subscription gives you access to unlimited reports, and you can also purchase PDFcopies of the reports for $2.99. The customer support team is adequate, with multiple phone numbers and service hours posted on the website.

Veracity of its criminal records search

While you may think that a paid membership to an online people search service is necessary, that’s simply not the case. Rather, you can get a criminal records search as part of a membership package, which is cheaper by $7 a month than a regular membership. Instant Checkmate is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is a testament to their good reputation. For further details, read our review of Instant Checkmate.

Another feature of Instant Checkmate’s criminal records search is its phone number option. It will allow you to search for the owner of any phone number in the United States, excluding those who have asked to be removed from the database. Instant Checkmate also offers a location search, which collects data about possible residents. It includes FBI crime statistics and census results. It is important to note that not all criminal records are public.

Reliability of its people search feature

When you need to find someone’s identity, you can use Instant Checkmate’s people search feature to find out all the details. The people search tool is convenient and can be used for basic record searches. It will return results based on the person’s name, including social media accounts, residence, and background history. It can also reveal criminal records, court cases, and felonies. Another great feature of this tool is its reverse phone number lookup, which provides information on people who own specific numbers. It is also helpful for locating a business associated with the number.

Another popular background screening agency in the United States is Instant Checkmate. Founded in 2010, this company is led by Joey Rocco, the co-founder of TruthFinder. With headquarters in San Diego, Instant Checkmate offers extensive research capabilities. While the company is not a consumer reporting agency, it has published clear FAQs about its policies.

Users are encouraged not to abuse the reports they receive, and it enforces a strict privacy policy.

Legality of Instant Checkmate as a background check service

Are you concerned about the legality of Instant Checkmate as a background checking service? This background check site searches multiple public records and databases to find information on individuals. These databases include email addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, and phone numbers. They can provide you with comprehensive results, which will give you peace of mind when interacting with someone online. However, before using Instant Checkmate

as a background check service, make sure you’re aware of its legality and limitations.

The legality of Instant Checkmate as a background checking service depends on whether it’s being used in an appropriate way. The service is not for use in employment screening, moving between jobs, promoting or demoting individuals, or determining insurance or credit risk.

However, it’s perfectly legal to use for personal research purposes, such as searching for a long- lost relative, looking for a potential romantic partner, researching an adult you think may be responsible for your children, and many other reasons.

Reliability of its social media profiles search

In addition to downloading accurate information, Instant Checkmate also provides useful information such as criminal records, online interests, and contact information. All of this information is updated frequently to ensure 100% accuracy. This social media profiles search service also allows users to run a name through the National Sex Offender Public Website to determine if the person has been convicted of sex crimes in all 50 states and Guam, as well as several Indian tribes.

One of the most important features of Instant Checkmate’s social media profiles search is its polished design. Simply enter a person’s name to find the social media profiles that match. You can also use additional filters to search for an email address and phone number, which is particularly useful if you use dating apps or classified websites to meet people. Moreover, you can also get an email address of the person from which you can send messages read more.