Jaden Newman Gets Pushed by Angry Defender

A conflict between Jaden Newman and an irate safeguard is making media and sports characters fly off the handle. The occurrence occurred during a game between the Miami Heat and West Oaks, a lasting SIAA power. The Flame guarded Newman from each progression during the game, sending him to the foul line with a subsequent safeguard. The two scored 20 focuses between them, including three 3-pointers. The shielding group just permitted them four endeavors from past the curve.

Furious Competitor

The irate protector was a wild contender. After the game, the protector pushed the youthful Newman, who had recently scored a crate. The youngster was harmed, and his group lost the game. In any case, the supposed battle has been recorded, and the occurrence was generally shared via online entertainment. In the video over, the safeguard pushes the irate wing player.

Julian Newman’s Cheerleader and Enabler

The NBA player’s dad, JAMIE, has become Julian Newman’s team promoter and empowering agent. The youngster is continually discussing his child as a future star. Despite the fact that he is youthful, he is now a cultivated ball player. The young person’s folks have even hauled him out of his ongoing school and began his own. They named the school Prodigy Prep after their child.

Jamie Newman has turned into his child’s most ardent follower. The two were close during the game, and he sat close to Jamie on the seat. Jamie acquainted his child with the columnists during the match and said he was a force to be reckoned with. While trusting that Jaden will show up, the couple trim Julian’s hair. While sitting tight for his sibling, they watched the game together and talked about Newman’s future in the NBA.

NBA Player’s Dad

Newman has turned into a thistle in his group. A youthful Newman has previously been called exaggerated by his rivals. The NBA player’s father, Jamie, isn’t keen on it child’s future to let the occurrence influence his. He needs to be a “legend” in the NBA. He is as of now a NBA legend. His dad believes him should be his child’s greatest team promoter and empowering influence.

12-Year-Old Basketball Players

Julian was one of the most advertised 12-year-old b-ball players ever, regardless of just scoring six focuses. He is presently a b-ball legend and has turned into an individual supporter of his child. Thus, he is encircled by his partners and his dad’s allies. He is likewise a NBA legend. Furthermore, Jamie’s child will before long be an easily recognized name.

Top-Scoring Point Guard

The youthful star was a top-scoring point monitor in his secondary school group. Nonetheless, he was not a whiz. In any case, he was a star in his old neighborhood, and he was a forerunner in shot endeavors and focuses per game. The NBA has a ton of ability in the association, yet the most gifted players can’t be all over. He is an incredible competitor who is bound to be a NBA legend.

In a video of the occurrence, a youngster pushes Newman’s head. He falls, and he is on his back, unfit to get up. The safeguard is attempting to take Newman’s lead. The furious protector is on his back, and it is challenging for him to move of the distraught sprinter. This is a typical event for a youthful ball player.

Group’s Aggressive Defense

Newman was hurried to the emergency clinic during the photoshoot with a seriously swollen hand. The harmed player was raced to the clinic. Specialists treated the two players for their wounds. The harmed player was taken to the medical clinic. The safeguarding group’s forceful guard allegedly caused the swollen leg. The protector pushed the youthful player’s leg. He got an injury on his head and was hospitalized.

While Newman’s knees were not harmed, he was as yet harmed. The safeguard didn’t get harmed, yet his knee was taken out of the game. His elbow was not a genuine injury. The protector had accidentally incited a sharp mind-set during the game and was irate. It was a misstep to push the youthful safeguard.

Downey Christian School

An adolescent soccer star named Julian Newman was driven into the divider on the court by a furious safeguard on Saturday night. The 12-year-old plays for a varsity group at Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida, weighs 90 pounds. He plays in diverse socks and size 6 Nikes. While he was being moved by the protector, Jamie and Jaden stayed calm and collected and clutched their pullovers.

Jamie Newman, his child and the dad of the star community, is the one who constructs the offense around his child. He discusses Julian as a future NBA legend. Whenever Julian was a secondary school sophomore, his dad hauled him out of his ongoing school and began his school, Prodigy Prep. The NBA star says that his child is an “NBA legend.”


He likewise causes his folks to feel glad. His father, Jamie, is his greatest ally and empowers him to succeed. He discusses him as a future legend, and they try to tell his child that he’s a legend really taking shape. His dad is a colossal b-ball fan, and he has assisted his child with acquiring reputation as a player.Read more