Samsung Sam – The Samsung Girl Or Virtual Assistant

The Samsung Sam has been the subject of a new campaign by Lightfarm Studios, a visual arts production company based in Rio de Janeiro, with offices in Melbourne, Sao Paulo, and Singapore. The company specializes in visual communication and has created some interesting visual content for the device. Some of its work includes animation, 3D content, real time content, image manipulation, and advertising photography. The campaign features a series of different characters, each with a different personality.


Lightfarm Studios


The images of Samsung Sam produced by Lightfarm Studios are not real, but they certainly look realistic. According to the company, the 3D renders were created by Lightfarm for the company. Whether Sam is a virtual assistant or not is still unclear, but Lightfarm did confirm that they


created the renders. The company also did not use a female version of Sam in the renderings. Fans of the character can purchase fan merchandise.


While the real Samantha Samsung was never used in the Samsung marketing campaign, her image was stored on the company’s website for a while before it was removed. While Lightfarm did not comment on the existence of the digital assistant, the images were so popular on the internet that it went viral. Sam is a bright-eyed perky lady who likes to browse apps and text her friends. Eventually, she became the internet’s new love interest.


It’s unclear if Samsung will release an official version of Sam, but the images have already gone viral. Though Samsung didn’t officially release Sam, the images are a concept of a 3D version of a chatbot. The studio created the virtual assistant in partnership with Cheil, Samsung’s marketing company. Since the creation of Samsung Sam, it has become a viral meme, with hundreds of thousands of Twitter users posting their opinions and creating fan art.


Cheil Agency


The Samsung Sam campaign is a collaboration between a Korean design studio and Cheil Agency, the marketing agency owned by the Korean company. Lightfarm created the concept for the campaign and created the character. The result was a viral campaign that saw the creation of Samsung Sam, also known as the Samsung Girl or Virtual Assistant. Sam’s release in May 2021 was accompanied by a flood of memes and internet buzz. Some users mistook Sam for a real product, while others interpreted the concept as an official one.


Lightfarm, a visual arts production studio, is the company that created the character, but it has since removed it from the internet. While it is possible that the company created the character independently, the company did acknowledge collaboration with the Cheil Agency. Unlike its other projects, the Samsung Sam campaign will be rolled out globally. Samsung hasn’t yet announced a date for the launch of its new augmented reality assistant, but the company has been working on the project for months.


Lightfarm has been responsible for drumming up buzz about the new virtual assistant. The company worked with the Cheil Agency to develop the realistic materials that the virtual assistant will use to interact with the device. Samsung’s previous virtual assistant, S Voice, predated the creation of Bixby, the digital assistant that has been on Samsung devices since the Galaxy S8. While the company hasn’t revealed the exact purpose of the new assistant, it has made its Facebook page and a series of renders.




It looks like Samsung is developing a new virtual assistant for their smartphones, which might be called Sam. A few weeks ago, Lightfarm Studios unveiled a batch of 3D rendered images of the new virtual assistant. While the company didn’t officially release the virtual assistant, the images have gone viral. Even though Samsung didn’t create Sam, the studio did develop the design.

The images also show how Sam might look like a real human.


The company Lightfarm also partnered with Cheil Agency to create realistic character design materials for Sam. The collaboration resulted in a more realistic-looking model of Sam. The company also revealed the name of its team and the software it used to create the avatar. While it’s unclear how the collaboration between the two companies impacted the look of the product, the images do reveal some interesting facts about the process of designing the character.

The video was made by the multi-award-winning visual arts production company Lightfarm, which collaborated with Samsung’s Cheil agency to create the digital assistant. The video also acknowledges the collaboration with Samsung’s ad agency, Cheil Agency. However, Lightfarm has declined to reveal whether the character is actually based on the official announcement of Samsung. The company did not elaborate on the nature of the partnership, but it did say that they were working with the Cheil Agency to develop the visual content.