Silene Corbero, Tokyo Money Heist

If you are looking for a Netflix original series, you may have heard of Money Heist. It’s about three women who plan to steal millions of dollars from banks in Tokyo. Silene Oliveira, Rio Gandia, and Professor are all central characters in the series. They are all involved in different aspects of the heist, from the heist itself to the relationship between the three women.
Silene Oliveira

The Netflix series Money Heist stars Ursula Corbero as the mysterious heistster, Tokyo. She is an unreliable narrator and an aspiring heistster, recruited by the Professor to be a part of his plot. Tokyo’s real name is Silene Oliveira, which has religious significance and is connected to the goddess Silene of ancient Greece.

A 16-year-old runaway, Silene works as a prostitute in her mother’s gang and steals money from tourists in order to pay for her food. Her brother Carlos learns about her actions and hires a team of private investigators, posing as kidnappers. Once they are inside the gang, they reveal themselves to be agents working under the mysterious Kogoro.

Silene Corbero

If you’re interested in a new film, you should definitely check out Silene Corbero, Tokyo money Heist. The Spanish actress is a star in the action thriller. She has a strong presence on screen, and she is a great addition to the cast of the movie. This is the first time that Corbero has played a lead role in a heist-style film.

The plot of the film revolves around the naive character of Silene Corbero


who is homeless and desperate to save her sister from social services. The novel, based on John Grisham’s book of the same name, has flashbacks from Silene’s childhood, which shows how complex relationships can get once desperation sets in. The character of Silene Corbero changes from a happy child to a resentful teenager.

Rio Gandia

The final episode of ‘Money Heist’ season five is “Live Many Lives,” and it is completely dedicated to the time period of Tokyo, Japan. Throughout the episode, we travel back and forth between the present time and the time Tokyo was with Rene. This way, we can see Tokyo’s life in her previous years.


The episode is a surprisingly gripping and emotional watch

This Spanish series is a masterpiece that combines relationship dynamics with heists. The story is told from the perspective of Tokyo, a robber who joined the group while on the run from her gang. She was headhunted by a mysterious man named “The Professor” who had tracked her down and recruited her. Despite being headhunted, Tokyo still has a close relationship with Rio and the other members of the gang.
Rio’s relationship with Silene Oliveira

The series begins with a heist that takes place in Japan, where Tokyo is recruited by The Professor to rob a bank. The Professor is the first person Tokyo recruits, and he refers to his former student as his “guardian angel”. In the first series, Tokyo disliked Rio, but later falls in love with her. Tokyo tries to make up for his loss by getting closer to Rio.

After the theft, the money is hidden in Nairobi’s cache


Nairobi starts out with the sole intention of becoming rich and letting Axel go to foster care. However, Nairobi’s plan takes a fatal turn after he is shot in the head. In Money Heist season four, the two are involved in a love triangle and the story is heartbreaking and moving.

Silene Oliveira’s real name

The Netflix series Money Heist is an excellent example of a crime-filled comedy that is entertaining while being informative at the same time.The lead character in the series is named Silene Oliveira, but her real name is Ursula Corbero.She was born in Barcelona, Spain, and began acting at an early age. After graduating from high school, she starred in TVE’s Fisica o Quimica and starred alongside Ana de Armas.


Final Words:

The heist starts when a 16-year-old runaway, Silene Oliveira, is caught and taken into custody.Her pimp forces her to work as a prostitute, but she sees working with Dorante as an opportunity to escape the lifestyle.While working with Dorante, Silene realizes that she must leave her group and seek out her own independence. She finds that Dorante isn’t willing to take care of her, and she wants to protect herself at all costs.