Using Yahoo Finance APIs and Intrinio APIs

Using Yahoo Finance APIs and Intrinio APIs

Yahoo Finance is a leading business and financial news website owned by Verizon Media. Recently, Yahoo Finance introduced a subscription service for retail investors called Yahoo Finance Premium. This subscription includes premium data, automated technical analysis patterns, advanced portfolio analytics, and tools to measure portfolio performance, manage risk, and increase returns. Premium subscribers also have access to research reports and actionable investment ideas. If you are looking for investment ideas, Yahoo Finance Premium can help you get started.




If you’re working with financial data, you’ve probably heard of YAHOO Finance API. This RESTful API connects to data directly from exchanges, and claims to have only a 1 millisecond delay. However, the API is not without its risks. The API contains complex rate limits that require careful calculations to stay within the limit. Before using it, consider its limitations and possible use cases. If you’re using it to do your own analysis, you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of these limitations.


The data that the API offers is extensive. It covers market news, fundamentals, options, and much more. It’s also incredibly easy to use, ranging from a few lines of code to a set of personal API keys. You can install the libraries that are required for integrating with the API to your own application. Then, you’ll have to make sure that you have the proper ratio of your expenses to your investment amount.


The YAHOO Finance API has many benefits for developers. For example, it provides historical prices. You can also retrieve moving averages and movers. By using the API, you can also trigger workflows in Salesforce. If you’re building a web application, it’s important to ensure that


you’re using the right API. You don’t want to miss out on any information, so make sure that your app is built on a solid integration platform like Pipedream.


Intrinio API


For developers who are looking to create applications for financial data, a Yahoo Finance Intrinio API is a great option. This service provides access to real-time intraday historical data, along with insights every 90 seconds. Whether you’re an investor looking for new investments, or a startup looking for ideas for its next big idea, this service is a great option. It has a free plan, but if you want more data, you should upgrade to a premium plan.


While the original version of the Yahoo Finance API offered free stock prices and financial data, it had several limitations. For one, developers could redistribute the data to other sites.

Obviously, that would go against Yahoo’s contracts with data providers, and it would be extremely expensive. Moreover, most companies cannot afford to redistribute financial data. As a result, developers and startups have had to look for an alternative.


Another great feature of this API is its ability to provide real-time and historical market data. Yahoo’s financial data is often based on data from more than 300 feeds, and its AI and machine learning algorithms allow it to produce relevant and actionable information for users. You can also use the EOD data feed, which offers real-time and historical market data. The data covers over 60 stock exchanges, 120 cryptocurrencies, and 50 FOREX pairs.




The Yahoo Finance API offers a wide variety of data, including historical prices and other indicators. To use this API, you must create a RapidAPI account and retrieve your API key. Next, you need to specify an array of query objects and at least one of them. When you do this, Yahoo Finance will provide you with a list of available queries. Your request will be executed based on the type of query you specify.


The API has a huge range of data, but it’s fiddlier to use. Nevertheless, the API is more secure than many other similar services. RapidAPI uses Yahoo’s internal API, which means that you can rest assured that the data you obtain will be reliable and accurate. As a result, this API is far safer than others. However, you can still make use of a library or an unofficial API, which may scrape the data without your permission. Unofficial APIs can be blacklisted or rate limited.

The final words:

If you want to use Yahoo Finance API with a web application, you can use yfinance. It offers similar functionality, and has almost 2,500 stars on GitHub. The downside of yfinance is that it doesn’t have official support. The only reason it’s not official is that Yahoo Finance can change its URL and methods at any time.Official APIs are more reliable because they are connected to the exchange and are updated on a regular basis.