WPC15 Silicone Cap for KCD1 (Wide)WPC15

WPC15 Alstone is the main Indian organization to produce silicone sealant. In 2011, the organization imported German innovation and introduced cutting edge hardware in Rajasthan. The universally useful silicone is utilized in inside application regions like holes. It comes in three tones: white, straightforward, and metallic. It has great holding strength and can be applied on wet surfaces. Also, the item is reasonable for high-temperature applications and is harmless to the ecosystem.

Most Popular General-Purpose Silicone

GP-300 is the most well known broadly useful silicone sealant in 280-ml cartridges. It tends to be bought in most significant urban communities in India. This sealant is produced using an unadulterated silicone polymer. Its stretching and elasticity are predominant. It is additionally sans voc. It gives a delightful completion and doesn’t cause a foul scent. Also, it’s safe for indoor and outside use.

Adaptability and Elastic Bonding Properties

WPC 15 Silicone has a phenomenal completion. Its special PU glue gives a protected and powerful attach to boards and profiles. Besides, this material is reasonable for use in building materials. Its adaptability and versatile holding properties settle on it a great decision for cladding, warm protection, and soundproofing. It additionally combines well with wood slats. Its versatility makes it ideal for outside applications.

Versatile Bonding of Plastics

WPC’s PU glue is an optimal universally useful silicone. It’s exceptionally evolved as an all inclusive structure cement, and it’s appropriate for versatile holding of plastics, metals, and ceramics. The WPC PU glue is viable with normal substrates like plastic and wood strips. Also, its sans voc and pH-nonpartisan recipe settles on it a phenomenal decision for use in outside and inside applications.

Low Acidic Smell

As a broadly useful silicone, PU cements are reasonable for all applications. It is great for holding board substrates and profiles made of wood, plastic, or metal. Additionally, it is likewise viable with normal sticky materials, like metal and clay. The WPC’s PU-300 is accessible in a 280-ml cartridge and can be purchased in all urban communities of India. As well as being a universally useful silicone, WPC15 is sans voc and has a low acidic smell.

Tropical Conditions

The WPC GP-300 has been explicitly intended for hot, tropical circumstances in India. It comes in cartridge structure, 280 ml, and is accessible in all significant urban communities. A broadly useful silicone gives a lovely completion. It’s additionally sans voc and has a low acidic smell. It tends to be utilized on various surfaces, including entryways, windows, and furniture.

100 percent Pure Polymer

The WPC15  GP-300 is a broadly useful silicone that is utilized in a wide scope of utilizations. Its universally useful silicone is a 100 percent unadulterated polymer that gives better prolongation and rigidity. It’s safe for outside and indoor use. Also, a sans voc item won’t influence the climate. Conversely, a PU-300 is an all inclusive glue reasonable for a wide range of utilizations.

15-Year Warranty

The WPC15  GP-300 is intended to address the issues of Indian fabricators and manufacturers. It comes in 280 ml cartridges and is accessible in all significant urban communities in India. Its GP-300 offers a fantastic completion and is sans voc. It is accessible in all significant urban areas and has a 15-year guarantee. It is an ideal decision for open air and indoor ventures the same. While the GP-300 is a fantastic broadly useful silicone, the main hindrance is that it accompanies a costly sticker price.

High Temperatures and Humidity

A universally useful silicone is a brilliant decision for open air applications. It can endure high temperatures and stickiness. Its low acidic scent makes it an optimal choice for outside use. It can likewise be utilized in sweltering environments. It is additionally impervious to an assortment of atmospheric conditions. WPC 15 Silicone can be utilized in every aspect of outside applications. Also, the WPC GP-300 is promptly accessible in all urban communities in India.

Water-Based Adhesive

WPC15 Silicone is a high-strength, water-based glue. It bonds anything in just 10-15 minutes and is great for different applications. Its moment get and high burden bearing limit settle on it a fantastic decision for kitchens and restrooms. This item is a harmless to the ecosystem choice that offers low sharpness and is VOC free. It additionally has a very low scent. It tends to be utilized on wet surfaces and submerged for a speedy, simple application.

Low Thermal Conductivity

This cement is uncommonly figured out to bond boards, profiles, and different materials. It is a general structure cement ideal for elastomeric, warm, and sound protection boards. It is additionally profoundly adaptable, rapidly sticking to wood and plastic slats. Its low warm conductivity implies that it is great for different applications, including the assembling of car and sun powered chargers. Its adaptability makes it appropriate for a wide scope of utilizations.


Notwithstanding silicone, WPC15 Silicone is likewise accessible in non-silicone. The material is accessible in a few grades, including WPC-15. WPC15 Silicone is an excellent material that is great for the assembling of superior execution batteries, sun oriented cells, and an assortment of other buyer merchandise. It additionally has great protection from enduring and is eco-accommodating.