Zodiac Signs and Symbols of the Zodiac

The 12 signs of the zodiac are Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Each sign has its own characteristics, as do the Houses and Elements. To learn more about each sign, read on! Also read about each astrological sign’s Symbols. Using this information, you can make your own astrological sign! Listed below are the 12 signs and their corresponding elements and houses.

12 astrological signs

If you are interested in learning more about the astrology of your birthday, the zodiac is a good place to start. There are twelve zodiac signs. Each of them represents a characteristic trait of the person born under that sign. The characteristics of each zodiac sign are determined by the planets and stars that govern them. The signs are governed by planetary positions, so your birthday will fall during one of those times.

Each astrological sign resides on a 30 degree area of the ecliptic (the celestial equator). These signs are in ascending order and can be seen from the sky. In order, Aries is at the top of the list, followed by Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius. Pisces falls in the middle, making it difficult for her to choose a sign.


We can learn about our personality traits by determining our zodiac signs. The elements describe our basic nature. By identifying the elements, we can better understand others and their personalities. For example, the element of wood resonates with the rooster. Wood is also associated with the rabbit. Metal is associated with the ox. The Chinese zodiac sign adds another layer of understanding. Here are the elements of each sign.

The Chinese Zodiac includes twelve animals. Western zodiac signs correspond to one of the four elements. Chinese zodiac signs are based on five different elements. Each element has a different characteristic and is associated with a certain personality trait. For example, people born under the sign of wood are strong, self-confident, and stable. The other signs are water, fire, and earth. The last number of the person’s birth year determines the real element.


Astrological houses can help you understand your birth chart and what your path is in life. Each house rules a different aspect of your life. Your money, relationships, career, and family are all affected by the house in which you were born. If your natal chart contains strong placements of the planets in these houses, then you are likely to be strong in one of those areas. Here are some common houses and their characteristics.

The seventh house is associated with close relationships, marriage, and business partnerships. It represents the qualities we find attractive in a partner. Relationships with this house often pose challenges. The seventh house is traditionally associated with our attitudes toward our spouses, our relationships with other people, and our dealings with the public. This house also represents

what motivates us, and how we respond to those urges. The 12th house relates to our sense of self-worth and our ability to channel our personal shame into collective healing.


Symbols of the zodiac are important in the world of astrology. The lion, for example, symbolizes a person who is both free and refined. This is because of its sensitivity, which makes this sign a great match for people who are seeking companionship. However, this sign’s hair isn’t going to grow out like a lion. Even if you manage to straighten and tie it tightly, sooner or later, it’ll break out.

By 1500 BC, the Babylonians had divided the zodiac into twelve equal signs and used the names of the constellations for the signs. These names became incorporated into Greek astrology by the time of the astronomer Ptolemy, whose Tetrabiblos formed the core of the history of Western astrology. This early celestial coordinate system gave people a way to determine the signs and days of the week.


The sun is always in your zodiac sign on your birthday, however, the actual date may vary based on where you were born. The earth’s ecliptic, along with the movements of the sun and other stars, cause the Sun’s position to shift from year to year. Every Gregorian calendar month has two zodiac signs. A chart of Zodiac dates will help you figure out your sign. The chart will include all twelve zodiac signs and their dates. For a more detailed list of the dates, check out an extended list of zodiac signs that fall in each month.

Pisces is born on February 19 – March 20. The planet Neptune is in Pisces. Pisces has a high intuitive nature and often lives in a world that is not fully realized. This type of sign often struggles to deal with reality, despite being highly artistic and creative. In fact, they tend to express themselves through songs, written works, and poetry. So if you are born during this time, you’ll want to take advantage of your artistic talent!


The twelve animal signs of the Zodiac have been a source of myths and legends. These tales have evolved into the symbolism we know today. Legends of the Zodiac provide players with an interesting history behind the sign they have been born under.For example, you might find out that your sign is associated with the constellation Pisces. In addition, you can find out about the origins of the Zodiac sign Leo.


Aries is the most common zodiac sign and is represented by a plethora of super heroes.In the series, you can meet the members of the team and their various personalities.Among them is Rip, a Cancerian who brought the team together.

Rip has characteristics typical of the Cancer sign, including being tenacious, loyal, sympathetic, and persuasive. Despite his impulsive and short temper, he manages to persuade the Legends to join his team. This character sacrifices his life for the team. The Leo, meanwhile, is more typical of a Leo. He is charismatic, has a strong sense of humor, and is an excellent leader Read also.